Love My New 3G iPhone and the New 3G iPhone Accessories  

Love My New 3G iPhone and the New 3G iPhone Accessories  

Article by Gene Schwerman

I love my new 3G iPhones and the new 3G iPhone Accessories. I can’t believe all of the cool iPhone apps I’m seeing and new ones coming every day. I can’t wait to wake up every morning and see the horizontal view of whatever is new. Among the new 3G iPhone Accessories I feel are must haves, is the new 3G iPhone case, I chose white. Why tempt fate? Wrap that rascal. I think the new 3G iPhone headphones are a must have. I’m totally hooked already on a number of the new 3G iPhone applications, as are my friends, we can hardly keep up with all that is new. Don’t even get me started on those amazing iPhone games. Who comes up with all these ideas?

OK. I admit it. I already want at least an 8G iPhone because I’m going to need it. I can see. So then do all my 3G iPhone accessories still work with the new upgrade? I’ll bet there is a deal if you upgrade. iPhone has changed my life and I think part of it is the horizontal view. It’s kind of like Zen Philosophy, a broader view of the world without the trip to Tibet.

Sure, my 3G iPhone accessories have enhanced my life too. I am more organized and better informed because of my latest 3G iPhone applications. I am more relaxed and generally happier due to my iPhone games. I just love my free ringtones and my soon to be free ringback tones. I wrote Steve Jobs to tell him that actually ringback tones should be free with my level plan and above. I’m quite sure he will listen.

Is this a great world or what? New 3G iPhones and the new 3G iPhone Accessories may not save the world from global warming but you can bet they will aid in the communication that takes place which does save the planet. I’m going to write Al Gore about the horizontal view. Perspective is always so important to full understanding. He is a smart man and I’m quite sure he already has his new 3G iPhones and the new 3G iPhone Accessories. Heck, he probably has the new 16G iPhone and all the new 16G iPhone accessories, unless I miss my guess. I still wonder how things would have gone if my lazy grandma and her friends would have voted for Al in Florida in ’04.

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Gene Schwerman is the founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique Website Design. Truly Unique works on websites of all varieties, such as, where you can find new 3g iPhone accessories and 3g iPhone accessories.